How to unlock your creativity and start thinking like a designer: Exercise #2

Love this post about unlocking the creative mind! A skill that is so important yet under valued in our current education paradigm. The arts are always cut first cut from any budget. Yet WHO do they think creates all this fabulous new technology and innovation anyway?

Enjoy this re-post!

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This is the second article in a series of creativity exercises. If you missed the first one, you can find it here.

One of the key points in my first post was that creativity is mainly connected with three human abilities:

– to observe

– to make connections

– t0 look at things differently

Let’s talk about the first one. “The ability to observe” – what exactly does it mean? First of all we need to admit the fact that our sight/vision is very conditional. We see only those things which we are able to see with the help of instruments given to us by nature: our eyes to capture the picture and our brain to process it. For example, in the completely dark room we will not see the items which are in there. Does it mean that the room is empty? No, it is just that our…

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8 thoughts on “How to unlock your creativity and start thinking like a designer: Exercise #2

  1. This is great!! 🙂 I love the “relational” exercise/discipline from one beautiful concept to the next and to another then reinventing the wheel and creating something new. Works everytime!

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