Courting Couple needs a good home! (re-cycle, re-use, Re-LOVE!)

In the same vein as my posts,  “Everything old is new again!”  and “Sometimes the answer is right in front of you”, I stumbled upon this post this morning by another blogger and decided to share it with you.

My grandmother had these same dishes in her attic, and gave then to my Mom when she needed an everyday set. We had the broken set on our table back in the 70’s.  My Dad (now 84) remembers these dishes were handed for FREE when you bought a movie ticket during the Depression! It kept people coming back so they could get the complete set – and of course if you brought the entire family to the movies you got several pieces at a time. These were not considered fine China but – Oh! How lovely they are in today’s world.

Needless to say it is very rare to find an entire set!

The Seasoned Dish

Recently I went to a local antiques store to pick up a couple of butter knives and ran into THIS.


A drop dead gorgeous set of Frenchy china with 22 carat gold trim. Marked down to $250.00. If this isn’t a perfect example of the crime of throwing out Grandma’s china, then I’m giving up my membership in China Addicts Anonymous.


Can’t you just see this gracing your table? It’s stunning!

IMG_3835 Crop 1IMG_3835 Crop 2

I started to look into the provenance of the set and what it might actually be worth. The antique store calls it French Colonial by Taylor Smith & Taylor. Apparently the decals were used by more than one china manufacturer and the series is called Courting Couple.

It turns out that the pattern is TST444  and was probably manufactured in the mid-1900s in the United States.

Can’t you just see this beautiful china sitting on your table? It needs a…

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4 thoughts on “Courting Couple needs a good home! (re-cycle, re-use, Re-LOVE!)

  1. Thank you for reblogging and sharing your story and our courting couples with the world. I feel sorry for them and hope someone in the Chicago area will buy them!

  2. Love old china…I remember collecting glasses from the gas stations in the family wagon. And sometimes supermarkets would have beginners sets if you spent a certain amount. And dont get me started on the S&H green stamps!

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