“The Boy” has cabin fever! (rescued greyhound in winter)

Anyone who owns a greyhound will confirm that they do live up to their nickname “The 45mph couch potatoes”. However this last month in New England has really gotten to The Boy.  While he still enjoys his walks, if it is raining or windy he simply refuses to go outside. He even runs away from us when we try to put his harness on.

Poor Teo seems particularly confused about the weather since he is originally a Florida racer, and this is really his first snowy winter in Salem MA.

So what do you think? Is this the face of cabin fever or a pup who lives like royalty.

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4 thoughts on ““The Boy” has cabin fever! (rescued greyhound in winter)

  1. I wrote about this same problem in my blog post in early February. We had gotten some snow, the weather was bitterly cold and our greyhound didn’t just get antsy, he got “bad.” Fortunately, we have had a little break in the weather…no snow on the ground and cold, but not freezing temps. Our dog is back to being a model citizen! Hopefully it will warm up soon!

    • Aaah…that’s must also be why the boy has been a little naughty. He actually ate two sandwiches from the counter in the blink of an eye the other day and he’s never taken anything that wasn’t given to him. I had to laugh – he seemes so please with himself and it was the most exciting thing that has happened to him in weeks. There is just no place for him to run!

    • And BTW I loved your post “A resteless Dog in Winter” and the recent one about Flour Sack Dresses! I’s love to reblog you at times if you are into that – It will direct folks to you post.

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