Are you a Dirty Girl too?

Home Improvement

Most of the DIY and Home Improvement projects we have done in the last few years. Dann tells me the happiest day in his life was when we held the keys to our new home in our hands, then ran to our local hardware store. As I loaded our cart with buckets of paint and brushes I had tears in my eyes and exclaimed, “Can I really paint the walls?!”

Our home is my canvas and a continual work in progress. I always start with a little inspiration.  Sometimes that idea is a dream I have held since childhood, such as having a garden of my own.  Other times inspiration comes in the form of a painting or a piece of drift wood I find on the beach that sets my mind spinning with ideas.

Here I will share with you some fabulous ideas I come across –  I hope they inspire you to dream!

Please take a tour of our home for some fun DIY ideas:

Other fun ideas: