My Woman Cave (Stage 1 of home office/guest room makeover)


Welcome to my combination home office / guest room / meditation space. I found this little nook under in my walk-in closet and under the stairway!


BEFORE (realtor’s pics) The previous owners used this room as a nursery.



Green is my favorite color.  It brings the outside in and is soothing and cooling. Yet this particular green is so intense, and there is so  much going on in this room, I deliberately kept the walls bare on this side of the room. Also, as it’s in the basement, so there are very deep window sills. Adding more fabric would just choke the room. There is one picture on the left which compliments the view. Our guests wake up and enjoy azaleas blooming in the spring outside the window.


Another BEFORE angle (realtor’s pic)



On the right you can see that I removed the doors of the semi-walkin closet.  The tiny bottles on the two shelves hold sand soil and seeds from various vacation spots my husband and I have visited. I found a file cabinet that could pass for a dresser and hide the visual clutter of the book shelf with a sheer hung with a tension rod when guests arrive.


You can peek into the meditation nook in this shot.  The secretary desk folds up and hiding my office once again from company.


The beading is usually pulled straight across offering a sparkling wall that catches the light!


A place to center myself.


I must confess that Mateo, our greyhound, shares this favorite spot with me.  When I am working he can be found huddled among the pillows in this corner


A cozy spot to curl up with a book or journal.


14 thoughts on “My Woman Cave (Stage 1 of home office/guest room makeover)

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  2. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been meaning to redesign my own room, and your space is a great idea jogger 🙂

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