Finding the Perfect Home in Another State (Real Estate Relocation Tips)


The following is a repost from Coldwell Banker Blue Matter (Oct 30, 2013)

Relocating for a new job or simply to start over can be an exciting venture. However, it can seem challenging to find a new home when individuals don’t know the nearby towns, neighborhoods or other features of their new location. There are several steps buyers can take to find the perfect piece of real estate for their move.

Find a real estate agent

A licensed real estate agent will have a wealth of information to help consumers narrow down their options, so this could a helpful first stop when you begin house hunting. Because each city or town may have different demographics, home prices, amenities and features, it can also be helpful for both the buyer and the agent to have a list of ideal characteristics to zone in on certain areas, according to the National Association of Realtors. Adults should write down a list of desirable features that cover everything from their price range and house size to whether they prefer a more rural or urban setting.

Each buyer is different, so individuals shouldn’t feel shy about mentioning the amenities that are important to them. For example, some may prefer neighborhoods that are more quiet or cultural, while other individuals may want to live in an area that offers a range of outdoor recreational activities. Families with children may also be concerned more with safety and school systems. Even these small factors can help agents provide a set of real estate listings that cater to what buyers are looking for, so provide as much information as possible.

Visit the area

When workers are relocating for a job quickly, traveling to the new location to see the housing choices before making a decision is crucial. Buyers can coordinate their travel plans with their real estate agent and decide on a time to attend open houses or view vacant properties. In addition, the neighborhood is an important factor in a buyer’s decision, so visiting the area prior to the purchase will give them a chance to meet potential neighbors, explore school districts and decide if the community is a good fit for them.

Lastly, buyers should act quickly once they find a home they are interested in to when it comes to having the home inspected and assessing the cost of repairs or remodels. This can help ensure all goes smoothly before the big move.

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