5 Ways to avoid burn-out when searching for your new home (Real Estate)

Reposted from activerain.com (Rebecca Foresee) on 8/2/13

What happens when your offer is not accepted?  Rejection of an offer happens for many reasons and it isn’t pleasant, but the end result is the same – you need to find an alternative.  More often than not, that means more internet searching and viewing even more homes for sale.

Home searching with map

  • Keep your pre-approval and proof of funds current (No more than two months old) so you’re ready to make an offer
  • Think positively; it’s hard to see all the good when you don’t look
  • Mind your health; get plenty of sleep and eat so you keep your strength up
  • Take a few days off without looking; take part in an activity that recharges you for the search ahead
  • Reevaluate your selection criteria; must you have a home built in 1492?

Maintaining communication between you and your real estate agent is critical in case a home opens up that is too good to pass by.

Oftentimes we find a home that will meet our needs but takes vision to personalize it.  The only “perfect” home is the one you make.

Repost from Rebecca Foresee activerain.com


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