Sinead O’Connor has been my DIY partner for years!

Oh I know you will think this has nothing to do with home decor, but I confess to blasting Ms. O’Connor loudly when I am doing any art or DIY project ’round here.  Whenever the naysayers spout, “You can’t do THAT,” this Irish chick, rolls up her sleeves and turns up the volume.  “Last Day of our Acquaintance” got a couch up a curved flight of stairs and into our attic apartment when I got tired of waiting for an old boyfriend to help me. (He later took a chainsaw to the same couch when he couldn’t get it down the stairs alone.)  Soon thereafter I delighted in blaring the Emperor’s New Clothes as I set up the first apartment I painted and  decorated to my own taste. And her live performance at Royal Albert Hall  “I Believe In You” has gotten me through may projects that got pretty ugly before their final realization.  Sinéad gives me that devil drives me attitude that says, “You just watch me now!”

I couldn’t be happier that Sinéad O’Connor is back in the game, and wish her all the luck in the world! Here she performs the song “4th and Vine” from her long-awaited new album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

I can’t help but think this is a perfect segue, between all the chocolates, blushes and fantasies of Valentine’s Day and the big green day just around the corner!  I’ve got big plans and projects ’round here in the coming season, and this album is just what I need to git ‘er done!


5 thoughts on “Sinead O’Connor has been my DIY partner for years!

    • BTW Nice post “Case for the Pope” I could not find where to reply on your blog. Sure Ms. O’Connor has her issues, but she certainly has had an inside look at some of the abuses she protests. It has been too easy for pundits to right her off. Her outrage was ahead of the scandle blowing up and no one wanted to listen.

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